Cervin Capri Bicolore


New colour: Melon/Blue
Based on the Capri 15 RHT stockings but with a top in contrasting colour. As the other Capri's they're 100% non-stretch nylon and made in France on the original machines by the original methods.
Very sexy indeed and significantly less expensive than you'd expect.
The first colour is the leg and the second the top.

Brand based in: France

Colours: Nude/Black (Gazelle/Noir), Grey/Black (Gris/Noir), Melon/Blue (Melon/Royal),

Sizes: Size chart  Length/Weight: 1 (145-165cm/40-55kg), 2 (152-170cm/40-60kg), 3 (163-178cm/45-70kg),4L (168-180cm/55-80kg), 5 (170-180cm/70-85kg)

Colour & Size:
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