Gaspard Yurkievich Incroyable Tights

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A signature Yurkievich design with glitter, glamour and Parisian elegance.
These tights will no matter the competition put you and your legs in focus. Simply stunning and a small discrete Y (for Yurkievich) just above the heel.
Also available as overknee
71% Polyamide, 25% Polyester, 3% Elastane, 1% Silk (gusset)

Come from: France

Colours: Pink-silver (Pinkissime Dore), Black-silver (Noir Argente), Blue-silver (Mon Blue Argente),

Sizes: T1 (148-165cm/40-60kg), T2 (153-170cm/40-65kg), T3 (160-178cm/45-70kg), T4 (165-180cm/55-80kg), T5 (175-185cm/65-95kg)

Colour & Size:
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