Couture Ultra sheer Stocking


Couture's classic 100% nylon stretch sheer stockings are now available with shop.Calzessa. They are one size, 15 denier and come in a vast range of colours at a great price.
100% Nylon, Sheer 15 denier leg , Plain welt top, Reinforced toe

Brand based in: Great Britain

Colours: Beech (Beech), Black (Black), Chantilly (Chantilly), Cosmetique (Cosmetique), Dark Navy (Dark Navy), French Grey (French Grey), Lyon (Lyon), Mink (Mink), Natural (Natural), Nearly Black (Nearly Black), Noblesse (Noblesse), Pampas (Pampas), White (White),

Sizes: Size chart  Fits show size (EUR) 35-42

Colour & Size:
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