Cindy Sheer Stockings


Order 4 pay for 3 - you can mix colors and sizes as you wish.

This an everyday, dependable product that can be easily worn night and day.
It is a 100% nylon, 15 denier sheer stocking offering excellent value and comes in an extensive range of colours.
These stockings are outstanding value and are delightful to wear.
Plain knitted stocking top and Reinforced toe

Brand based in: Great Britain

Colours: American Tan (American Tan), Black (Black), Barely Black (Barely Black), Bamboo (Bamboo), Diamond (Diamond), Paloma Mink (Paloma Mink), Sahara (Sahara), Storm grey (Storm Grey),

Sizes: Size chart  Shoe size: 35-41 (Euro)

Colour & Size:
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