Trinny & Susannah All-in-one Body Shaper, Underwear

Trinny & Susannah All-in-one Body Shaper

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- After a decade of researching and road testing shape wear, we have found what we believe to be the ultimate pair of magic knickers.
- Our new Magic Knickers were given 9/10 by leading newspaper comparisons. They have straps that go over the shoulders, leaving your tits free to stand proud!
Seamless shaping top in Lycra & Skinlife, refines the body from bust to hips.
High waist shaping body
1. Adjustable straps
2. Allows you to wear your own bra whilst keeping the breasts in place
3. Easy-to open gusset with double flaps that close automatically
4. Flattens the tummy
5. Accentuates the waist without laced up or constricted feeling
6. Banishes saddlebags
7. Reduces fat rolls from thighs to rib cage
8. Gives extra support to the lower back
9. Lifts the bottom
10. No visible seams
11. Stays in place
86% Polyamide
13% Elastan
1% Cotton

Brand based in: Belgium

Colours: Skin (Skin),

Sizes: Medium = Size (Euro):40-42, Length:68-76cm, Hips:96-104cm / Large = Stlk:44-46, Length:76-84cm, Hips:104-112cm / XLarge = Stlk:48-50, Length:84-96cm, Hips:112-122cm

Colour & Size:
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