Oroblu History collection (6 pairs), Tights

Oroblu History collection (6 pairs)

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This year Oroblu is celebrating 60 years of hosiery!

6 decades, 6 moods, 6 tights in an iconic collection designed to pay tribute to the garment that has represented a turning point in women's fashion - the tights!

Tights are much more than just a simple accessory. When they were introduced it meant freedom of choice and the possibility to wear short skirts and allow for personal creativity in fashion.
It is a versatile garment that can show off your legs in the most refined look or be warming and comfortable.
This History collection will take you on a journey through styles and time, from the layout of the Sixties up to the most eccentric patterns of the new millennium, passing through the Seventies, the eccentric elegance of the Eighties and the floral pattern of the Nineties.

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50 denier: 92% Polyamide, 8% Elastane

Brand based in: Italy

Colours: Prints (Prints),

Sizes: Size chart Small/Medium (145-170 cm / 45-70 kg). Large/X-Large (155-185 cm / 55-85 kg)

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