Bleuforêt is a young brand with a rich history. Founded in 1994 with their own production in France they have become known for their quality pantyhoses knitted in natural materials such as cotton and wool.

Bleuforet Mat 18

Sublime elegance made in France. Knitted in exclusive 3D yarn for a smooth feeling and a perfect fit on your legs ...
A Soft and comfortable semi-opaque tight with a stunning diamond-pattern.

Knitted with 3D technology for that extra feeling of high quality, softness and a perfect fit ...

Bleuforet Veloute 30

Flawless and elegant tights is just what you expect from Bleuforêt and France.

The touch of these tights is absolutely wonderful, so is the fit and the quality ...

Bleuforet Dentelle Ecailles

The perfect summer sock - airy and cute.

68% Cotton, 32% Polyamide

Bleuforet Veloute 15 Nude

Get flawless and elegant legs with these light and smooth tights that have a perfect fit and a lovely touch ...

Bleuforet Capsule Lurex

A sparkling tight for any festive occasion. They are soft, warm and cotton rich. Perfect for the winter party outfit ...

Bleuforet Reyure Lurex

The party sock for adding a touch of glamour to your outfit.

Elegant and soft with glittering stripes (unfortunately the photos do not do them justice) ...

Bleuforet Zigzag Cotton

Tights with an elegant zigzag pattern and 97% cotton to make them very soft.

The delicately knitted zigzag pattern will highlight your legs and are both discrete and elegant ...

Stylish and fun striped tights suitable for a chilly autumn day.

The thread has a Lycra cord that is surrounded with soft cotton, that means that it is only cotton that is in contact with your skin ...

Bleuforet Silk & Wool

These tights give you a one-of-a-kind softness and warmth due to the mix of three noble materials which are cotton, wool and silk ...
Is that a sock? Is it a legging? No this is the latest from France and there will be many more to follow in 2016 ...

Bleuforet Pur Coton Veloute

As smooth like velvet, these tights will provide undeniable comfort.

The Lycra thread is completely surrounded by cotton so that the natural fibre is in the only part that is in contact with your skin ...

Bleuforet Laine Fine

The Bleuforêt fine wool tights are knitted using Merino wool which is much finer than traditional wool ...
Trendy sheer socks with backseam and bow.

64% Cotton, 36% Polyamide